Monday, February 6, 2012

where heaven stopped and the earth began


so here is one of my favorite pictures so far. i don't super like the actual photo ..its a little too dark. but that stretch of trail back there on the lake jackson loop is literally glorious. the best is when you run out there right before the sun sets. not this run but a different one i learned that.  this is where my laziness actually paid off. i waited til the last minute of lighttime to run (like i do everyday that i don't have scheduled practice) and i was stressing about getting back to the trailhead most likely. i tend to imagine creepy creatures like this chasing me (okay that was more in my childhood years. but on a trail when its getting dark ones imagination can start to run wild. i don't actually feel like Prometheus and Bob are chasing me. i still run faster.)
Anyways the point is i was probably not thrilled to be out running and i was probably silently complaining to myself (anyone detect a pattern here? love/HATE right?) and i got to the back stretch pictured here. 

it was one of the prettiest things id ever seen. want to avoid describing it like some cheesy book but i thought i had stepped into heaven.  the sun was just setting and it was shedding this silver light all over. the grass was high then (about waist high besides the trail part) and the light hit the grass and split into hundreds of "rays" of sunshine. all this bright white. and then the shadows were..and the sky...and...literally it was beyond words. so i'm running and i'm just overwhelmed with this joy. cheesy i know. but i (checked to make sure no one was around) and just threw my arms up. (it sounds so goofy when i say it. but it was just the only reaction.) i had to stop (for a short time mind you i didn't want to be on the trail at night) but i HAD to stop. i stood there like a doofus just smiling at this awesome, glorious sunset. and i just said "thank you" and couldn't say much else.  i wish i had a picture of it. this sunset/picture is nice but it doesn't do it justice at all, but it's still a beautiful place to run. i only stopped for less than a minute and then kept running. i was on that stretch for a little while just turning and looking back at it like i would never see anything that contained that much beauty again. i will, one day. but i got a glimpse of it there. imagine if i had decided not to run that day.



  1. I really super-duper liked this post, Kendall. Your honesty and your ability to put it into words is...awesome. I went for a run today for the first time in a while. No incredible sunsets, but maybe I'll find mine soon.

  2. PRETTY PHOTO! and some very nice thoughts :)