Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New year, not so new road.

here she is. bear trail. we call it that because my dad claims to have seen a bear on it once. i never have. but i call it bear trail still. its this long dirt road in ocklawaha, fl (the "town" where my family's lake house is. ) can't tell you how many miles i have done on this road but i can tell you that compared to other places this one has hosted the most miserable, sad runs of my "career". It's hard to get up in the morning on a beautiful day at the lake when other people are sleeping, sailing, tubing, whatever; and go running on a hot, boring, dusty dirt road. Luckily some people are blessed to have the greatest dad in the whole dang world, no wait some people aren't because I am. my dad would sacrifice his laketime every morning to wake me up (20 times if necessary) and drag me kicking and screaming to this road. then he'd drive in the car and listen to dave matthews band or a book on tape while driving just far enough where i could still see him. Actually on most days he would ride his bike next to me the whole way and listen to me gripe and cry about how i hated running and horseflies and bear trail and running and horseflies and horseflies blah blah (i complain a lot, we get it). He would distract me by talking to me about the team and running or he'd listen to me complain about team drama or we would just talk. he told me stories. about him running through the trails singing bachman-turner overdrive's "baby you ain't seen nothing yet" as he trained in college, about my brothers running on the same roads years before (my dad did the same thing for them, 10 years in a row in all). he would sympathize sometimes, tell me to buck up other days. always "you can go a little faster", and "easy for you to say!" sometimes i would scream at him about how i just wanted to stop. but usually he wouldn't let me. i ran every day of vacation and it was no thanks to myself. afterward we would go to CJs bakery on mericamp and buy two dozen of the best handmade donuts you ever had. Those were miserable runs, but good conversations, and good donuts. I love my dad. and i love bear trail, even though i hate it.

That was in high school. In college, we found a new trail that i don't mind running at alone most of the time. but sometimes i'll visit the old bear trail and reminisce. i wasn't running over the winter break AT-ALL and i was okay with it. back in the day (when i was an athlete) i used to never ever skip a run but over the break the tiny thread holding me to running broke. i think it might have been a good thing because i realized what a big part of me it is. even though i'm just okay and even though i still don't really identify myself as a runner (i look at those random people who run on campus and think "i wish did that, oh wait") I started to realize i didn't like NOT running as much as i thought i did. So i decided to start again full-throttle january 1st, what better time, right? So that's this picture. I was running with my brother zack whose new years resolution was to get abs again (run "errday" was a facet of that) we were running and it was a lot harder to do then i thought it was going to be. i did my classic thing where i think about how horrible the next 40ish minutes will be and psych myself out. so i distracted myself by thinking about my new years resolution to run every day and how i could help myself want to do it. and i thought about how much running has been a part of my life (something only its absence that couple of weeks really helped me appreciate) i thought about getting a rock from every run (for some reason i thought THAT would be a good idea) and then i thought maybe i might turn into a hoarder and so i thought id take a picture every run instead. (not going to lie i did also think about how people would think that was interesting, hey i'm being honest, you can respect that). so i went and got a camera and went back to bear trail later that day and took this picture. its right before the last turn 6 minutes before you get to the end of the run (i hate bear trail. this was my favorite part). so i got a fanny-pack from my aunt and started this silly project. I would take a picture of every run this year, it really has helped me get out there some days. and  I think it will be fun. some people just see roads or trails or woods or whatever. but I was thinking about how many times i have run on all these trails and how i can picture every step of bear trail, forest meadows, sunny hill, all these places. how much of my life these last five years has been spent doing this. how i've thought so many thoughts, said so many words, laughed so many times, on these roads. i know its hoakie but i love the idea of having these pictures up somewhere where i can look at them and appreciate the memories and the beauty. i know it sounds silly. but maybe you can understand. well that certainly was one long run-on sentence.

"That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most."- Up


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    1. right..i don't know. it didn't seem to fit. in fact i find it kind of morbid.

  2. That was nice. I had fun too (most of the time). And those donuts were worth it.

  3. You will never understand the amazing feeling of waking up at the lake to a box full of fresh donuts... maybe I should take a picture of every donut I eat this year...hmm

    1. did i mention you are the funniest person i know. i think i might have

  4. This is a great start for your blog! It is a wonderful place to post your 365 photos of the 2012 runs that you do and any thoughts that can be published with them. I will follow your blog posts. You run because you can. You were built for it. I love homemade maple doughnuts too! Your Dad is awesome! Your Mom is too! You have a great family! Your Aunt is spectacular! Love you Kendall!

  5. thanks all. i can feel the love aunt dina haha