Saturday, February 4, 2012

and the repetition kills you..

hey people!
     sorry i've been super busy the last few days and wasn't in the mood for any blogging. but i have time today and inspiration. so the title of this is a song title. it doesn't like speak to me or anything, it just has to do with repetition. which is the focus of this post. of this post. see what i did there?

i bring it up because carney island is just tons of 1mile-1.4 mile loops. ive found a few smaller trailbies but they've started to get overgrown and there are a lot of roots and a lot of horseflies in the summer when i usually run at lake weir. so yeah. repetition. it makes for horrible long runs and lots of turkey sightings (those turkeys are a little bit scary too).

so repetition is a huge part of a runners life. right? you don't really think about it but it really does just come down to right left right left right left right left. same trails same runs. same people same conversations. i mean already i have a butt ton of pictures of the track so far. (fancy that, track season and all.) my mom quotes a teacher of hers that always said "repetition facilitates learning". oh true. i guess with muscle memory that makes sense (i don't exactly know how that works im just saying stuff) anyways. yeah with running, especially long distances its really all about consistency. and that means running every day pretty much, consistently. i say this like i  know something (like i said i'm just saying things). peat and repeat. cate and duplicate. run run run as fast as you can (tangent much). there wasn't really a point to this post i guess. and that whole repetition facilitates learning thing doesn't apply to everything. for instance i ran the krispy kreme challenge and i will definitely not be repeating that experience because i learned that the marginal utility of a donut to my stomach is greatly diminished on the 7th donut. but i suppose the repetition of donuts helped me learn that so maybe in a way it is true. my brain is fueled only by glaze at the moment so i'm gonna go take a sugar coma now. but seriously promise me you'll never do the krispy kreme challenge. cross your heart! cross it! it was an experience at least. i repeat. never do it! and that's kendall's story.

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  1. Hey Pete and Repete were my first gerbils. And that reminds me. Your hamster yogi never had any problem with repetition. He would just run and run and run and I never heard a word of complaint. You should be more like yogi. (Except for the pooh part.)